Evaluating Teachers and Principals


Educator Effectiveness Guide

“Evaluating Teachers and Principals: Developing Fair, Valid and Reliable Systems” addresses critical steps and considerations that are necessary to effectively engage stakeholders and build a strong policy framework for fair and valid educator effectiveness systems.

Please review the guide by clicking image at left, and then share your insights and perspectives on the components of a successful educator effectiveness system by leaving comments below. Your input will help to inform future revisions of this guide.

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  1. James says:

    Looks good!

  2. Margaret says:

    Thank you for tying evaluation to professional development! No more sitting in meaningless PD meetings.

  3. Michael Augliano says:

    I hope this is a sound program

  4. Dr. Jewell Winlock Henderson says:

    Excellent approach, agree with the concepts. Having used a similar approach in the State of California, it does work.

  5. Cindy Au says:

    Here is the real question: How do you create unified buy in AND implementation of these ideas? They almost seem too obvious–like why haven’t these standards been the litmus test already? Is this just state by state to decide how they want to try to improve it or is this effort on a federal level? Who initiates this program? How is it being promoted? Who is successful in implementing it already and where are some real life examples? If Dr. Henderson has used a similar approach in California, where are the examples? That would be most useful in the PD implementation or replication.

  6. Melinda Peterson says:

    Looking forward to reading the information

  7. kieran byrne says:

    looks good

  8. MG says:


  9. Teresa says:

    Look forward to reading it.

  10. JoAnn Brown says:

    This will be exceedingly helpful as I plan to rollout the new evaluatio system

  11. John Kim says:

    This looks promising

  12. Alistair Campbell says:

    good idea

  13. jeanne supple says:

    Looks interesting.

  14. Mark Kostin says:

    Thank you.

  15. Patricia Reynolds says:

    Consider local colleges and universities who are responsible for pre-service teachers as part of the stakeholder group. Their input and the information they take away will shape preparation of this group, providing pre-service teachers with vital information they’ll need prior to entering this profession.

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